10 Good Movies Outstanding Movies That we can use English As well

10 Good
10 Good

10 Good Movies Outstanding Movies That we can use English As well Whether it is listening, speaking, reading and writing


It is a film that tells the story of a group of explorers who must explore space. To find a new world for mankind


2. Boyhood

It is a movie that took 12 years to film, following the life of Mason. Who was a dreamer boy from the age of 6 until the age of 18



It is a movie about Andrew, a 19-year-old young man who dreams of becoming a world-class drummer. And he met Terence Fletcher, a music teacher with an intense and aggressive teaching method.


Story telling Maleficent, living peacefully in a realm deep in the jungle. Until one day An army has invaded this land. Maleficent must rise to protect her land. But then she suffered a terrible betrayal. Which turned her pure heart into a cold


5. Nightcrawler

This drama tells the story of Louis Bloom, a crime photographer with a furious personality. Who are looking for a photography job to sell to the news agency To hope to get a job in Los Angeles and have a standing career. But with the stress of work Making him more and more psychotic And in the end, he became a criminal.


6. The Grand Budapest Hotel

The film’s story follows the adventures of two buddies, hotel receptionist Gustave, and hotel lobby attendant Siro Mustafa. Involved in the theft of famous paintings Having fun and full flavor, both hilarious and detective drama


7. The Lego Movie

Tells the story of Emmet’s turbulent adventures. A mundane Lego that was mistaken for the key to saving the world. Along with these heroes who will join to fight with him


8. Gone Girl

Tells the story of Nick and Amy a married couple who moved from New York to the Midwest on the 5th anniversary of their marriage. Amy, a beautiful young wife, mysteriously disappeared. And later, the investigative team found a record of Amy telling the story of a past marriage Immediately makes Nick a suspect about the disappearance of Amy. And this case became all over the news Although there is still no definite conclusions about who is lying


9. The Fault in Our Stars

Tells the story of Hazel A 16-year-old cancer patient reluctantly joined a support group of encouraging cancer patients. And met Augustus Waters, 17, a former basketball player who had had cancer, had to amputate one leg. They fell in love with each other and created a touching story.


10. Big Hero 6

Recounts the adventures of young inventor Hiro Hamada and Baymax. Cuddly soft robot And teaming up with teenagers To protect the city from the wreaking havoc ดูหนังออนไลน์

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