How to design your own house to be beautiful and practical.

How to design
How to design

How to design your own house to be beautiful and practical. Basic principles that should be known before taking action.

1. Choose a type of residence suitable for members.

Not every family needs a big house. And it’s not that every family is suitable for a small home. Therefore, the most important thing before designing a house is to choose a type of residence that is suitable for the number of family members such as single-detached houses, townhouses or condos. How much space should be suitable for everyone’s lifestyle? In order to further calculate how many bedrooms in our residence should be How much toilets And which parts are added


2. Make layouts a priority.

After selecting the type of residence Should pay attention to the house plan before decorating. Because even though the house is beautiful But if it does not meet the needs of daily use, it is useless. So anyone who is going to design a house Should complete the design of the house plan first. By considering how to position each room Between common areas and private spaces Can be next to each other or separate people from different zones to better lane To prevent noise Or a living room, dining room, kitchen, partition wall? Or better design in Open Plan



3. Decorate according to the space.

After choosing the desired house plan It’s up to the stage of decoration Which should be selected in accordance with the space, size and home layout, for example, if the house is quite small Should choose a modern style decoration. Because both the color scheme and the design in this style will help the interior look spacious, bright, airy atmosphere. More than a traditional style or a traditional home. That often use a partition wall to divide the space Which will make the house that is already small even narrower


4. Consider the advantages – disadvantages of each point.

When you get a house that you like Do not act immediately Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each point once, for example, if you like large windows because you want the house to be bright and see the outside view Do not forget to see if it corresponds to the sun or not. When is the sun Otherwise it will heat up the house. May have to attach awnings or change the thermal curtains ออกแบบบ้าน