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Self Improvement::Coaching

Couples and astrology

Valentine’s Day approaches, so I decided I’d write an article regarding couples astrology synastry chart. Astrology is constantly being asked about love and marriage. So I thought I would share with you some key aspects of a healthy couple.

A bit of research was done with some of my friends and I compared their birth charts to mine. Here are the results. While most of the charts I examined were for romantic couples, I did see some platonic friend charts. These results were very similar.

Editor’s Note: This article will have both positive and negative aspects. Positive aspects include conjunction, trine, and sextile (unless specified otherwise), while negative aspects include squares and opposing (unless specifically stated otherwise). You can find the explanation here. Trine means that two planets are 120 degrees apart, bringing ease and comfort, conjunction means that two planets are at the same degree for the same sign, which combines energies to usually strengthen both, and sextile means that two planets are 60 degrees apart, the aspect of opportunity. Square is when two planets are 90 degrees from each other, which can lead to tension and challenges. While opposite means that the planets are 180 degrees away, complete opposites.

Sun/Moon/Ascendant aspects:

Sun/Moon/Ascendant aspects are very important in any relationship. This creates a sense of common energy and a sense of like-mindedness in the relationship. A trine, sextile or conjunction between any of these placements would be wonderful for a relationship. It indicates a smooth flow of energy between the people involved. These personalities blend well together and they enjoy each other’s company. Conjunctions can produce mixed results but I find them to have the most positive effects when there is a Sun/Moon/Ascendant.

However, oppositions and squares between these points can cause significant differences that will require the couple to overcome. There will be differences in personality (Sun/Ascendant), as well as instinctive emotional differences (Moon), however, there will be differences in the square or opposition aspects.

Venus/Moon aspects:

Venus and Moon are important personal planets that influence how we interact and relate with others. Venus is a social, emotional planet. Therefore, they work well when combined. Venus and Moon are both positive planets, and many lovebirds have them in their charts. These two planets both have gentle energy, so the couple is very affectionate and lovey-dovey together.

Negative aspects of Venus and Moon can be a sign of attraction. However, they are often more distasteful for each others’ behavior. Although the couple may be attracted to their partner, they are unbalanced in how they handle their emotions.

Mercury Aspects

Mercury is a planet that many people don’t think about when they think of relationships. However, how can a relationship work without clear communication and understanding? Mercury positive aspects can indicate communication. When there is a positive Mercury aspect, a couple is more likely to be able to understand each other.

With hard or negative aspects between two people’s Mercury placements, communication is much more difficult. Mercury oppositions and squares make communication difficult. There are also common arguments, often due to misinterpretations of information or misinterpretations. Although this is not a sign of a breakup, it can make a relationship more difficult.

Venus/Mars Aspects

The physical chemistry between a couple with a positive Venus/Mars aspect is unmistakable. These are the couples that passionately make love to each other any chance they get. These couples are able easily to be intimate with each other because their physical needs match up. Venus is able to give Mars what it wants intimately, and both planets are incredibly attracted to each other.

Even couples with opposing Marses can have great chemistry. While it might seem a little rough around the edges of the relationship, Mars and Venus can be a great couple if they have other positive attributes.

Jupiter Aspects:

Jupiter has a lot of aspects. Jupiter can be a bit too indulgent, but Jupiter can also bring joy and optimism. Jupiter needs to have enough personal planets with Jupiter so that the couple is happy and content in each others company, but not too many. Jupiter aspects between two people can increase their generosity and make them feel happier.

Jupiter squares or oppositions are when it can get a bit overwhelming. The couple might buy each other gifts constantly, depleting their finances, or splurge on getaways and whatever makes them happy. The Jupiter partner is likely to be the most impulsive spender.

Saturn Aspects

Saturn aspects in relationships can bring a healthy amount of realistic thinking. The same way that relationships require enthusiasm and optimism, they also require practicality. Saturn also provides a bit of an “anchor” to the relationship, especially with positive aspects. These aspects help maintain a stable relationship through hard times.

Saturn’s negative qualities can be more difficult to handle but are not impossible. Saturn’s negative aspects are easier to deal with when paired up with Venus or Moon, which is a gentler planet. Saturn can also be in opposition in squares or oppositions. Saturn people may be too harsh in their criticisms.

Uranus aspects:

Uranus brings chaos and instability to all it touches. This can be exciting for couples, but can also make life difficult for those who want more peace and quiet. Uranus brings excitement and variety to the world through its lines, textiles, or sometimes conjunctions. However, in the case of squares and oppositions, it can be too much for either one of the partners.

I concluded my research by finding that successful relationships have a good mix of the above aspects in synastry charts. I found that the relationships that had difficulties were those with more negative aspects or planets. On the other hand, the relationships that flourished had strong trines, fabrics, and connections between more positive planets. Balance is key, however, and an overload of anything can be hard to manage in relationships. What is most important is to try to resolve any conflicts and to enjoy the best parts of every relationship.