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The planetary aspects to a relationship

AspectsConjunction is when two similar forms or planetary energy are combined. The conjunction is the most powerful aspect in synastry and can produce either harmony or disharmony depending on the planets involved. The combination is the most powerful aspect of synastry and can lead to tension if there are too many conjunctions between two births charts. The trine brings harmony and zodiac compatibility percentage to the relationship. Despite this aspect’s obvious compatibility it does carry the risk of repetition and boredom in the relationship. They blend so well together that there may not be enough passion or urgency.

Sextile (planets are at a 60 degree angle) – The harmonious blending of planet energies creates a lasting bond between people. This aspect is similar the trine, but it tends more to stimulate because the signs involved in the aspect are in different elements. This aspect can generate a strong and exciting response but it can also be difficult. There may be an urge to dominate one another depending on the planets. If there are too many square aspects between two charts, it can lead to an increase in the negative qualities of each person. Opposition (planets formed a 180deg angle): This aspect has a powerful, sometimes destabilizing, effect. The opposites of the same energies can be brought in contact with this aspect. This aspect can be likened to a mirror image and creates a strong magnetism. While the attraction accompanied by the aspect may be strong, the interaction is challenging.Qunicunx (planets are within a 1deg – 2deg orb) – The energies between these two planets do not blend easily and tend to create a dramatic effect. Although this aspect is stimulating, it can also create a competitive spirit between those involved. This aspect can cause rivalry and bickering to an extreme.

Synastry’s Most Important Features

__S.19__ In particular, Venus and Mars aspects indicate sexual attraction. Although Venus and Mars have more chances to attract strong sexual feelings, their harsher aspects are more likely that they will present challenges and obstacles in the relationship. These planets have a harmonious combination of energies. However, sextile and trine aspects can cause a relationship to feel too familiar and lack excitement. Tense aspects such as the square, opposition or opposition can create tensions in relationships and prevent them from connecting on an intimate level. Harmonious elements, such as the square or sextile can make the interaction comfortable and easy. Partner usually have enough common ground to sustain a relationship, and are able form an emotional bond.