Helpful Tips To Choose The Best Gaming Motherboard

Motherboard is the center of the entire pc system. It is the part that connects all the other parts together and make positive they run smoothly. As such, selecting the best gaming motherboard is crucial task that it is advisable to do when building a gaming computer. This article will educate you how to decide on the very best gaming motherboard.

Decide which type of CPU to make use of

This could appear irrelevant to choosing a motherboard. In actual truth, this is a very powerful thing that you must do before deciding on a motherboard. The reason being that the type of CPU will decide the type of motherboard you need. For instance, in the event you choose an Intel CPU, then it’s important to get the socket 775 motherboard or else the CPU won’t fit into the motherboard. Deciding on the type of CPU will make it easier to to make a more sensible choice when choosing the best gaming motherboard.

Decide if the motherboard helps the type of CPU you may have chosen

As mentioned earlier than, in case you are using an Intel CPU, you need to get a socket 775 motherboard whereas an AMD CPU requires a socket AM2 motherboard. In addition, a number of the older socket 775 motherboards do not assist twin core processors (regardless that they use the identical socket) or even quad-core processors. Check out the manufacturer’s website to get confirmation before you buy the motherboard.

Overclocking characteristic

In case you are overclocking your CPU, it’s important to get a motherboard that allows you to change the FSB speed and CPU voltage in small increments.

RAM support and no of memory slot

Your motherboard should be able to assist DDR2 RAM, for a easy reason that DDR2 is at present the fastest RAM in the market. Extra thing to take note is the maximum speed of RAM that the motherboard supports. Some motherboards can support only as much as DDR2 667MHz RAM while the latest ones can assist as much as DDR2 1066MHz.

In addition, chances are you’ll want to upgrade your RAM in the future, therefore your present motherboard should have not less than four memory slots and can assist as much as 8GB RAM so that you’ve the option to upgrade in the future.

SLI/ Crossfire ready

SLI / Crossfire ready motherboard means that you may make use of identical high performing graphics card to render the graphics, thus achieving a faster and more realistic video effects. Not each motherboard supports this feature. As video effects getting more and more advanced, it will be quickly that SLI or Crossfire technology becomes the standard for video display. Subsequently, even in case you are not utilizing this technology now, it is still advisable to get a gaming motherboard with SLI or Crossfire feature.

SATA 2 controller

SATA2 can switch data at twice the speed of SATA 1. When it comes to gaming, each single speed counts and that improve in speed is perhaps the deciding factor in your game. A SATA 2 port is backward compatible with SATA 1 devices, however not the opposite way round. It is higher so that you can get a motherboard that helps SATA 2 devices. In addition, in case you are utilizing RAID, then it’s a must to get a motherboard that has 4 SATA 2 ports.

Extra Features

You may wish to consider further features resembling extra ports, firewire, integrated LAN and front-panel LED when choosing a gaming motherboard. A number of the motherboards include more features than the other and you have to examine around to see the differences.

Features similar to integrated sound and video aren’t as essential in the perfect gaming motherboard since they could not contribute well to a good gaming session. For a gaming pc, it’s a must to get a separate graphics card and sound card in order to play the latest game in the market.


When getting one of the best gaming motherboard, it is worthwhile to do some market research and compare with various boards. Since it is a very powerful part in the whole laptop system, do not ever scrimp cash on it.

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